Oct 2017

How BPA Views Flexible Demand-Side Resources for the Northwest

Elliot Mainzer, Administrator and CEO of Bonneville Power Administration, kicked off day one of the Northwest DR & Energy Storage Summit in Portland, September 27 and 28, 2017. He gave us a high-level look at how BPA, a central player in our regional energy grid landscape, is looking at the roles of DR and energy storage. Smart Grid Northwest has captured some of his keynote...

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Jul 2017

Utilities In the Middle – Building Connections for Transactive Energy

At the Transactive Energy Systems Conference in Portland this June, over 130 representatives of government, industry, utilities and academia gathered to share the latest ideas and results in transactive energy (TE). The takeaway: we’re seeing significant early promise in TE, but there is still a lot of work to be done on establishing value and business models. By introducing market-based micro-transactions between energy suppliers and users,...

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Utilities In the Middle – Building Connections for Transactive Energy


Mar 2016

Trends in Grid Modernization and Energy Market Structure

  Q&A with Richard Kauffman Chairman of Energy & Finance for New York Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo   By: Clint Wilder, Senior Editor, Clean Edge Bryce Yonker, Executive Director, Smart Grid Northwest   Clint and Bryce talk to New York’s Chairman of Energy and Finance about NY REV, FERC 745, and pacing infrastructure investments.   Q: What are some models that utilities and...

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