Northwest Demand Response + Energy Storage Summit

September 27 and 28, 2017 | World Forestry Center, Portland, OR

The First Focused Event on DR and Energy Storage in the Northwest

Demand response (DR) and energy storage are two interrelated pillars for building a more flexible and resilient electric grid and optimal energy resource mix for the Pacific Northwest. Join us as we chart the way.


Radical changes in energy sources, distribution and usage are surging through the electrical infrastructure of the Northwest. For example, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Seventh Power Plan has recommended that at least 600 megawatts of DR should be developed to meet the region’s peaking and system adequacy needs. Similarly, utilities, C&I companies and consumers are beginning to deploy energy storage systems (and considering options at scale) that will impact system-wide demand, reliability and efficiency. To help advance these important trends, Smart Grid Northwest is hosting the Northwest Demand Response & Energy Storage Summit. Join leaders at regional utilities, and those working with them, who are exploring and implementing DR and energy storage options.

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Five Reasons to Make Your Plans for the
2017 Northwest Demand Response + Energy Storage Summit

  1. Join in the discussion as the Northwest grid operators and other stakeholders plot the course for expanding demand side resources, energy storage, and other flexible energy solutions.
  2. Get up to date on DR seasonal trends, behavioral vs. automated DR, combining DR and EE, the direction for DER, and much more.
  3. Energy storage will be different in the Northwest. Hear from the experts first-hand where to locate storage, how to procure it, and the value stack for our region. And what about mandates? Sign up to find out.
  4. Network with the leading Northwest utilities and solutions providers, who will be there in person to share the latest insights, value drivers and best practices for DR and storage in our region.
  5. Over 165 professionals attended last year’s sold-out Northwest DR Symposium. We expect well over 200 this year. Register early to make sure you are one of them.



 September 27-28, 2017 at the World Forestry Center, Portland OR


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