Membership in Smart Grid Northwest

Smart Grid Northwest members help shape a smart energy future for the Northwest. Members speak at and attend events, participate in discussions about smart grid-related policy, help shape regional planning, and develop relationships with key stakeholders from utilities and regulators to energy users and industry advocates.

Benefits and Activities

Smart Grid Northwest members gain a variety of benefits through involvement in the organization such as:

  • Active participation in timely and important discussions to help drive new smart grid-friendly policies and market opportunities
  • Direct influence on key decisions affecting regional energy and smart grid development, at the local, state and regional levels
  • Meet and network with key decision-makers and potential business partners
  • Raise awareness, visibility, and support among energy users, utilities, elected officials and key business leaders for smart grid initiatives that benefit the region
  • Support the brand awareness for the NW as a hub of smart grid understanding and solutions

Membership Pricing


Northwest Employees Utility, Industry & Service Provider Education, Government & Non-Profit Non-Affiliated
1-5 $250 $125 $125
6-25 $500 $250
26-100 $1,250 $500
101-500 $2,500 $1250
501+ $5,000 $2500

*Membership pricing is based on the number of staff in the Pacific Northwest.


Membership Types


Utility, Industry, and Service Provider

Smart Grid Northwest industry members include any companies that produce smart grid technologies and services such as metering, sensors, communications, software, data analytics, systems integration, and other solutions. Industry membership also applies to companies that deploy smart grid and related energy solutions to run more efficiency and effectively.

Utility members include any companies that generate, distribute and/or sell energy to end consumers.  These include co-op, municipal, and investor owned utilities.

Service provider members offer support to the smart grid industry through various services including accounting, banking, legal, recruiting, consulting, research, and other services.

Education, Government, and Non-Profit

Education members include universities and other educational institutions involved in the research, development and demonstration of smart grid and related technologies and models.

Government level memberships include local, state, regional, and national government agencies and organizations involved in and interested in the development of smart grid and related industries.

Non-profit organizations include 501c3 and 501c6 industry and advocacy organizations involved in and interested in smart grid, energy, environment, and related areas.

Non-Affiliated Individual

The non-affiliated individual membership level is designed for professionals who are part of an organization with no more than one full-time employee involved in smart grid and related areas, or are the only staff person, within the Pacific Northwest. It is ideal for individual consultants, subject matter experts, or simply interested/concerned citizens.

Our members are working to create a smarter energy future for the Northwest.