Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Smart Grid Northwest’s mission is to promote, grow and enable the smart grid industry and infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.
Smart Grid Northwest is dually focused on creating a supportive environment that encourages smart grid and related industries to develop and thrive while also promoting the deployment of smart grid solutions across the Northwest to strengthen the grid, support growth, and ensure the health of our region. Our three main areas of activity include:

  • Education: Advancing a dialogue with key regional stakeholders including energy customers, utilities, regulators, and industry, sharing and creating publications, and hosting informational events, conferences and other forums to promote awareness of the value of smart grid initiatives in the Northwest.
  • Public Policy: Advocating for effective public policies that enable and encourage smart grid industry development, implementation of smart grid solutions, and the creation of a more resilient, responsive, efficient, and sustainable energy system in the Northwest.
  • Planning and Implementation: Engaging regional stakeholders to establish a robust smart grid roadmap that encourages research, commercialization, and demonstration projects and leads to the implementation of smart grid concepts and technologies.

Our members are working to create a smarter energy future for the Northwest.