DOE’s Quadrennial Energy Review

The DOE just released their Quadrennial Energy Review which looks at a number of issues related to the current energy infrastructure of the United States. With a hard focus on making the electrical grid more resilient, we at Smart Grid Northwest hope to see more smart grid related projects being funded and rolled out as we take advantage of new technologies in the hunt for higher efficiencies.


Sections in the report include:

• Increasing the Resilience, Reliability, Safety, and Asset Security of TS&D Infrastructure

• Modernizing the Electric Grid

• Modernizing U.S. Energy Security Infrastructures in a Changing Global Marketplace

• Improving Shared Transport Infrastructures

• Integrating North American Energy Markets

• Addressing Environmental Aspects of TS&D Infrastructure

• Enhancing Employment and Workforce Training

• Siting and Permitting of TS&D Infrastructure


Read the whole report here, or if the 320+ page document is a little too much, you will also find synopses and other overviews of the study.

For more info, plan to catch DOE Secretary Moniz’s Senate Energy Committee Hearing on the review on Tuesday 4/28/2015 at 10 am Eastern.


Stephan Williams