DR Day – NW Demand Response + Energy Storage Summit

September 27 and 28, 2017 | World Forestry Center, Portland, OR

The First Focused Event on DR and Energy Storage in the Northwest


Day 1, Wed. Sept, 27: Demand Response

Plenary Sessions and Solutions & Implementations Sessions take place in Miller Hall. Policy & Markets Sessions take place in Cheatham Hall, opposite the registration desk.

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:30AM – The Future of BPA: Flexible Demand Side Resources for Regional System Requirement

Elliot Mainzer, Administrator and CEO, BPA

9:00AM – Low-Tech, High-Tech or Somewhere In-Between? The Goldilocks Paradox of Technology and Automation

Demand response has come a long way in recent years with various technologies allowing for a diversity of ways to engage demand side resources. However, DR is not a new thing and many resources have been (or could be) engaged in rather simple ways. As the NW considers deeper use of demand side resources, what mix of solutions are best? Should programs leapfrog and go directly to DR 3.0 type offerings or are basic solutions still making sense?

  • Stuart Schare, Managing Director, Energy, Navigant (Moderator)
  • Ann Perreault, Marketing Director, Honeywell
  • Steve Hambric, VP, Distributed Energy Management, Itron
  • Quentin Nesbitt, Engineer, Idaho Power
  • Joey Barr, Director of Business Development, Whisker Labs

9:45AM – Networking Break with Snacks

10:00AMOvercoming Barriers to DR Expansion in the NW
While DR has been relatively slow to develop in the NW compared to other regions, interest and opportunities are growing. What’s the next step? Join this session to hear case studies from both investor-owned and publicly-owned utilities within the region as they discuss challenges to DR and strategies used to overcome these barriers.

  • Robin Maslowski, Associate Director, Navigant (Moderator)
  • Deborah Reynolds, Asst. Dir., Conservation and Energy Planning, Washington UTC
  • Alex Reedin, Load Research & Program Evaluation Analyst, PGE
  • George Pohndorf, Senior Manager, Energy Services, SnoPUD
  • David Lowrey, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Itron

Behavioral vs. Pricing vs. Automated DR: What’s Best When
This session will compare and contrast three strategies for going after demand reductions: behavioral changes, pricing structure and automated direct load control. Utility and vendor experts will look at how the strategies differ in terms of enrollment and performance, where they may be competitive with each other, and how they might be used together in a portfolio.

  • Elaine Markham, Senior Market Analyst, Puget Sound Energy (Moderator)
  • Leesa Lee, VP Marketing, Bidgely
  • Jim Stewart, Principal Economist, Cadmus
  • Jamie Staples, Head of Retail Energy Partnerships, Nest
11:15AMValuing DR in Evolving NW Energy Markets
DR is one of several initiatives to improve resiliency and efficiency of the Northwest grid. This session will explore the value of DR in relation to those approaches: in conjunction with energy efficiency; as a non-wires alternative to transmission and distribution expansion; and within a wider Western regional energy market. Learn how DR can provide value beyond just peak reduction.

  • Jenny Roehm, Senior Manager, Utility Solutions, Schneider (Moderator)
  • Jeff Cook, VP, Transmission Planning and Asset Management, BPA
  • Ryan Leonard, Director, Market Structure and Policy, Avangrid
  • Dennis Quinn, President, Joule Assets
  • John Steigers, Project Developer - Generation Development, EnergyNW

Best Practices on Consumer Engagement and Program Participant Retention
DR programs require predictable, ongoing results, which make strong consumer engagement critical. This session will look at strategies for recruitment and retention from the utility and vendor perspectives. Hear best practices in customer enrollment, keeping active participants, outbound communication, event reporting and incentive delivery.

  • Wendy Brummer, Program Manager, Expert, Demand Response, Pacific Gas & Electric (Moderator)
  • Tyler Rogers, Director of Utility Sales, EnergyHub
  • Eric Martin, Senior Account Manager, Tendril
  • Joe Hull, Marketing and Energy Services Associate, Midstate Electrical Coop
12:15PMNetworking Lunch in the Plaza outside
Best Practices of Forecasting and Planning for DR Resources
When preparing an integrated resource plan, a utility needs accurate modeling to compare supply and demand-side resources and find the best mix of long-term resource needs. Determining which attributes are important for any given resource is critical, as well as proper accounting for the availability and value of demand-side resources. This session will explore how DR is modeled across various resource plans and some of the best practices and potential shortfalls in that work.

  • John Ollis, Power Systems Analyst, NWPPC (Moderator)
  • Jason Klotz, Principle Manager & Climate Change Lead, OR PUC
  • Gurvinder Singh, Senior Resource Planning Analyst, Puget Sound Energy
Should I Offer DR As a Standalone Program or Part of Wider DER Offering?
As program administrators start to look at the broader suite of DERs, where does DR fit in? This session will look at how DR can be marketed as part of bundled DER offering with distributed generation, EE, storage and more. It will also look at how to use DR for non-peak shaving purposes with DERs, such as TOU management, solar self-consumption and resiliency.

  • Teague Douglas, Product Manager, Demand Response, CLEAResult (Moderator)
  • Jim Parks, Program Manager, Energy Research and Development, SMUD
  • Kyle Garton, Principle Product Manager, AutoGrid Systems
Lessons on Distribution System DR Value from Outside the NW
Without a capacity market, DR is difficult to justify for many utilities in the Northwest. This session will provide examples and insights into how other organized U.S. markets value DR in distribution systems. Learn more about what the Northwest may be able to adopt from them—and what is not likely to work here.

  • Jane Peters, President, Research into Action, (Moderator)
  • Tom Chapman, Senior Manager, Market Development, IESO
  • Jill Powers, Infrastructure and Regulatory Policy Manager, CA ISO
  • Ganesh Ayer, Manager, Business Development, C&I Demand Response, Honeywell
Reverse Platform Pitch: Utilities Pitch What They Want in DERMS, DRMS, DRAS, ADMS, and more
Practitioners of DR programs are painfully familiar with the alphabet soup of control and monitoring systems. This session will let utilities tell the vendors (and their peers) what they like and don’t like in the current market, and discuss the functionality critical to get programs to scale and meeting their specific needs.

  • Steve Hauser, CEO, GridWise Alliance
  • Josh Keeling, Lead, Demand-Side Resource Dev., PGE
  • Sarah Arison, Project Manager, BPA
  • John Gibson, Manager, Distributed System Operations, Avista

3:30PM – Networking Break with Snacks

Afternoon Plenary Sessions – Miller Hall

3:45PM Getting Serious About Resiliency: How Can Demand Side Resources Really Help Keep the Lights On

Listen in to a conversation about resiliency efforts underway in the Northwest. We’ll connecting the dots about why resilient energy is so important for the region, and how demand side and energy storage and other flexible energy solutions can play a role in the equation. 

  • Rick Williams, Director Columbia Region, Leidos (Moderator)
  • Mike Harryman, State Resilience Officer, State of Oregon

4:15PM Demand Side Engagement and Energy Storage Together for a Flexible Energy System

Various drivers in the NW are pointing to the need for additional system flexibility. DR and energy storage seem to be core pillars to help provide that value. How can new demand side and storage resources benefit the regional energy system? What needs to happen to move these resources forward at scale in the near term? Key industry, utility and regulatory leaders will wrestle with these and other core questions.

  • Bryce Yonker, Executive Director, Smart Grid NW (Moderator)
  • Bud Vos, CEO, Enbala
  • Lisa Hardie, Chair, OR PUC
  • Larry Bekkedahl, VP, Transmission and Distribution, PGE
  • Bob Rudd, Director Energy Storage and Microgrids, Tesla

5:30PM Networking Reception – Plaza outside Cheatam Hall

Meet the other speakers and attendees at the awesome social on Wednesday evening. Join us on the plaza outside the venue for plentiful hors d’oeuvres, a hosted bar and live music.


Day 2, Thurs. Sept 28: Energy Storage