Northwest Demand Response + Energy Storage Summit Agenda

September 27 and 28, 2017 | World Forestry Center, Portland, OR


The Agenda: Two Days of Expert Keynote Speakers, Deep-Dive Sessions and Networking

The Northwest Demand Response & Energy Storage Summit spans two days: Demand Response on Wednesday Sept. 27 and Energy Storage on Thursday Sept. 28. Each day has two tracks: one focusing on Programs & Solutions, the other on Policy & Markets. A special networking reception for all attendees is Wednesday evening. All sessions take place at the World Forestry Center in Portland, OR. Hold your spot for one or both days by registering today.

Tues. Sept, 26: Custom DR Training

PLMA logoEvolution of Demand Response: Fundamentals and Path Forward

Demand response has become a critical component of peak load management and overall smart energy systems. Learn how to roll out customer programs to leverage DR methods and emerging DERS to meet peak electricity demand, mitigate the impact of high energy prices, and manage variable generation. This customized training will cover current market principles, review leading-edge DR case studies, and look ahead as the landscapes develops. Get more details here.

Sept. 26, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Pacific Time |  K&L Gates, 1 SW Columbia St, Portland, OR

Day 1, Wed. Sept, 27: Demand Response

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:30am  :: Future of BPA: Flexible Demand Side Resources for Regional System Requirement

9:00am  :: Basic, Highly Automated or Somewhere in Between — What’s Really the Best for DR Programs Starting Now

9:45amOvercoming Barriers to DR Expansion in the NW
Behavioral vs. Pricing vs. Automated DR
11:00amValuing DR in Evolving NW Energy Markets
Best Practices on Consumer Engagement and Program Participant Retention
Best Practices of Forecasting and Planning for DR ResourcesShould I Offer DR As a Standalone Program or Part of Wider DER Offering?
Lessons on Distribution System DR Value from Outside the NW
Reverse Platform Pitch: Utilities Pitch What they Want in DERMS, DRMS, DRAS, ADMS, and More

Afternoon Plenary Sessions

3:45pm  :: Getting Serious About Resiliency: How Can Demand Side Resources Really Help Keep the Lights On

4:00pm  ::  DR and the Smart Home: Are We There Yet, Will We Ever Be?

4:15pm :: Making Virtual Power (Demand Side and Beyond) a Reality

4:30pm  :: Demand Side Engagement and Energy Storage Together for a Flexible Energy System

5:30 – 8:00pm :: Networking Reception


Day 2, Thurs. Sept 28: Energy Storage

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:30am :: Storage in the NW: Where are We Now and Where are We Heading

8:45am ::  Stacking Value for Storage in the NW

9:45amBarriers to Storage Expansion in the NWProcurement Best Practices: I Want It, Now Help me Buy It
11:00amAre Mandates and Fed/State Support Needed to Move Storage Forward in the NW?Pinpointing Optimal Grid Locations for Storage
Storage and RE: How Can Storage Support the Next Wave of Central and DG Renewables in the NW?Best Practices in Customer Sited Storage
2:30pmHow Storage is Being Evaluated in IRPs Today, and What's NextControl solutions for Aggregated and Utility-scale Storage Assets

Afternoon Plenary Sessions

4:00pm  ::  Beyond Batteries: Thermal, Pumped Hydro and More

4:30pm  :: The Next Frontier: Where Does Storage and Other Energy Flexibility Solutions Go From Here

Watch this page for more details on the sessions and events during the summit.