Storage Day – NW Demand Response + Energy Storage Summit

September 27 and 28, 2017 | World Forestry Center, Portland, OR

The First Focused Event on DR and Energy Storage in the Northwest


Day 2, Thurs. Sept, 28: Energy Storage

Plenary Sessions and Solutions & Implementations Sessions take place in Miller Hall. Policy & Markets Sessions take place in Cheatam Hall, opposite the registration desk.

Morning Plenary Sessions

8:30AM – Storage in the Northwest: Overview on the Opportunities and Threats

Hear an overview of today’s Northwest storage landscape and what is planned in the near term. Then learn about national and regional drivers and barriers for further storage development. We’ll wrap up with a discussion of what energy storage applications are positioned best for the NW.

  • Jay Paidipati, Director, Navigant

8:50AM – Storage Trends and Drivers Keynote: Where are Technology and Innovation Taking the Industry and What Does That Mean for the Northwest

  • Jud Virden, Associate Laboratory Director for the Energy and Environment Directorate (EED), PNNL

9:10AM – Stacking Value for Storage in the NW: Where’s the Real Impact Going to Be 

This session will discuss the fundamental basis of valuing the services energy storage systems provide, and the results of recent energy storage return on investment studies. It will discuss more broadly lessons learned from recent ESS deployments in the Pacific Northwest. It will also discuss the importance of correctly siting and sizing ESS to address specific grid challenges (e.g., addressing reliability problems for rural communities or deferring investments in costly distribution projects).

  • Patrick Balducci, Chief Economist, PNNL (Moderator)
  • Mike Fife, Chief Technology Officer, Demand Energy
  • Curt Kirkeby, Technology Strategist, Avista
  • Giovanni Damato, Senior Project Manager | Energy Storage – Distributed Energy Resources, EPRI

10:00AM Networking Break with Snacks

10:15AMBarriers to Storage Expansion in the Northwest
The Northwest is no stranger to storage—we have decades of experience via the hydro system. So why isn’t the broader storage market taking off, given all the challenges that it would solve? Leaders from the region’s top energy players examine the economic, modeling and institutional barriers that remain in the way.

  • Michael Huerta, Program Manager for Energy Storage, Generate Capital (Moderator)
  • Bob Kirchmeier, Sr. Energy Policy Specialist, Washington DoC
  • Lee Hall, Manager, Distributed Energy Resources, BPA
  • Sara Baldwin, Director, Regulatory Program, IREC

Procurement Best Practices: I Want Storage, Now Help me Buy It
All big assets require a sophisticated procurement process, but storage projects bring with them new interesting questions. Utilities have to amend existing procurement processes originally designed for generation resources, while storage customers have to examine issues related to environmental permits, safety and more. See what these utilities, energy users and solution providers—who have procured 100’s of MWs of energy storage—have to say about best-in-class structures for buying storage resources.

  • Bear Prairie, Assistant General Manager, Idaho Falls Power (Moderator)
  • Kiran Kumaraswamy, Market Development Director, AES
  • Jesse Bryson, VP & Head of Global Market Development, Advanced Microgrid Systems
  • Brandon Middaugh, Distributed Energy - Microsoft Cloud, Microsoft
11:15AMAre Mandates and Government Support Needed to Lead the Charge?
Government support may not be required to start deploying storage assets, but it can affect the ROI and market adoption curves. This session will discuss the policy landscape for storage from the federal, state, and developer lens, and explore the value of mandates and alternative policy mechanisms to develop storage technologies. What is most effective? And what needs to happen next?

  • Rebecca O’Neil, Program Manager, Renewable Energy, PNNL
  • Jeremy Twitchell, Energy Policy Advisor, Washington UTC
  • Allison Clements, Founder, goodgrid
  • Tucker Ruberti, Product Management and Business Dev., Demand Energy

Pinpointing Optimal Grid Locations for Storage
Energy storage projects can be interconnected to the distribution and transmission grid in numerous locations: from customer sites and sub-stations, next to resources large or small, or none of those at all. In this session, learn about technical approaches to identifying the best grid locations for various energy storage applications for unlocking the diverse value streams for all parties.

  • Darin Johnson, President, BIS Consulting (Moderator)
  • Mark Osborn, Senior Associate, Cadmus
  • Alana Lemarchand, Sr. Consultant, Nexant
  • Uzma Siddiqi, Technology Innovation Principal Engineer, Seattle City Light
12:15PMNetworking Lunch in the Plaza outside
How Storage Can Support Centralized and Distributed Renewables in the Northwest
Renewable energy generation—lead by wind and solar—is making enormous strides across the western U.S., but this year’s curtailments, market prices and other dynamics clearly point to a key role storage can play in continuing that growth path. This panel will explore the history of RE generation in the Northwest, the extent to which integration is inhibiting RE deployment, and how much central and distributed storage is needed to meet ambitious regional RE targets.

  • Graham Horn, VP Business Development, Enbala (Moderator)
  • David Brown, Senior Principal, Obsidian Renewables
  • Lee Krevat, Director, New Ventures, Sempra Global
  • John Fernandes, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Invenergy
Best Practices in Customer-Sited Battery Storage
Energy storage at customers’ sites improves reliability and resiliency and can help lower fluctuating energy prices for host residences, businesses and others, but it also creates opportunities for managing demand and supply and other value areas for grid operators. This diverse panel of utility, government and technology leaders will examine various types of solutions and multiple ways to unlock the full value from on premise storage for utilities as well end energy users.

  • Jeni Hall, Energy Trust of Oregon (Moderator)
  • Andria Jacob, Senior Manager, City of Portland
  • Jim Fisher, Vice President, Siemens
  • Olaf Lohr, Director of Business Development, Sonnen
How Storage is Being Evaluated in IRPs Today and What's Next
Determining the value that energy storage can provide is an evolving art form. Some utilities are leading the way to gain deeper insights and understanding around how storage can be used in their service regions. Join this discussion to dive deep into how NW utilities are examining storage in their planning processes.

  • Mike Starrett, Energy Analyst, NWPPC (Moderator)
  • Elaine Hart, Power Analyst, PGE
  • James Gall, Senior Power Supply Analyst, Avista
  • Nick Schlag, Senior Managing Consultant, E3
Control Solutions for Aggregated and Utility-Scale Storage Assets
In energy storage, one size definitely does not fit all. A utility may need to integrate and control one utility scale 20 MWh resource in its generating fleet. At the same time, 2,000 ratepayers may be adding 10 kWh batteries across the service area. Hear speakers whose companies are deeply immersed in control solutions that must operate across a heterogeneous storage landscape.

  • John Gibson, Manager, Distribution System Operations, Avista (Moderator)
  • Sunil Cherian, CEO, Spirae
  • Audrey Lee, VP Grid Services, SunRun
  • Semih Oztreves, Business Development Manager, Greensmith

3:15PM Networking Break with Snacks

Afternoon Plenary Session – Miller Hall

3:30PM Beyond Batteries: Thermal, Pumped Hydro and More (brief session)                       

Batteries dominate the discussions on energy storage, but there are a number of other cost-effective solutions beyond batteries. This session will examine Northwest options: in particular, the multiple 100MW+ pumped hydro projects under consideration, and 1000 MW/2,500 MWh potential from water heaters.

  • Nate Sandvig, Director, National Grid
  • Conrad Eustis, Director, Retail Technology Strategy, PGE

4:00PM The Next Frontier: Where Does Storage, and Other Energy Flexibility Solutions, Go From Here

Over the last two days we have heard many ways demand side and storage solutions can be beneficial for the NW energy system—from peak demand management and infrastructure investment deferral/reduction, to DER integration and better system optimization. This panel will explore what’s next for energy storage, electric vehicles and emerging demand-side solutions while utilities pursue new ways to manage load and support the growth of electrification within the Northwest

  • Aaron Panzer, Director of Client Solutions, Ecova (Moderator)
  • Tim Kreukniet, VP of Business Development, EV Box
  • Jim Bullock, Sr. Director Grid Storage, Green Charge Networks
  • Richard Riley, North America Business Development Manager, Highview
  • Ben Farrow, Manager, Product Development, Puget Sound Energy


Day 1, Wed. Sept 27: Demand Response