Utility Roundtable

Smart Grid Utility Roundtable

Smart Grid Northwest plans regular meetings for utility staff to discuss smart grid related topics with peers. Meetings rotate between a regional utility host and the Chatham House Rule is in place for each discussion – meaning all the information gathered may be used by participants but the identity and affiliation of people contributing is not to be shared.


  • Member of Smart Grid Northwest
  • Participants must be from a regional utility

Meeting Planning & Promotion

  • Host utility works with Smart Grid Northwest to set the topic
  • Invites go out to the group for the meeting at the host utility offices
  • Dial in/webinar access to all sessions for remote participation, but in-person participation is encouraged

Discussion Logistics

  • 1-2 hour meetings
  • Start with intros of participating utilities and sharing of topics that each person is most interested in discussing and/or what each person want to get from the session
  • Moderator kicks off session to introduce topic of discussion
  • Host utility typically starts the conversation with questions/comments about the opportunities and challenges they are facing
  • Moderator guides feedback and discussion from meeting attendees

Contact us at info@smartgridnw.org for more information or to sign up.