GridFWD 2018 presentations

GridFWD 2018GridFWD Speaker Presentations

Click on the links below to access any of the presentations from our recent grid modernization event in Vancouver, BC:

Resiliency Track:
Session One: Defining Energy Resiliency and Building the Business Case| Session Three: Managing Diverse Threats: Single Deployments, Multiple Uses| Session Four: Energy Resiliency’s Broader Impacts|

Decarbonization & Electrification Track:
Session One: The Changing Relationships, Challenges and Opportunities within Renewable Energy Goals | Session Two: Tales from the Edge: DERs in Action in the Northwest | Session Three: Blockchain Enabling Modern Grid Services |Session Four: The Road Ahead: Next Steps in Electrification to Expand Decarbonization|

Flexibility Track:
Session One: What’s New in the Flexible Resource Zoo | Session Three: Build, Buy or Partner: Finding the Best Path Forward to Add Flexibility | Session Four: Virtually There – Taking the Next Step from DERs to Virtual Power Plants |

Grid Ops Track:
Session One: Getting Deep Value with Advanced Metering Data Sets | Session Two: Voltage Management: Quick Wins for System Efficiency | Session Four: Optimizing Locational Value Of Distribution System Modernization|

Policy & Markets Track – October 10th:
Session One: Beyond Selling kWh: How to Incentivize Additional Utility Offerings | Session Two: Ensuring Customers Get Deep Value from Grid Modernization | Session Three: Comparing Apples and Oranges: Building the Right Basket of Grid Solutions |Session Four: The Road to Electric Transportation at Scale|

Policy & Markets Track – October 11th:
Session One: How to Finance Modernization: CAPEX, OPEX, or something else| Session Two: Models for Funding EE and DR that Work | Session Three: Strategies for Investing in Grid Innovation Bigger and Faster |Session Four: Open Solutions and Standards: The Future to Utility Innovation|

Opening Remarks |Expanding Regional Markets and Its Impact on our Grid |