Why The Smart Grid Matters to Consumers: The Focus of Energy Industry Group Annual Meeting

Larry Weis, CEO of Seattle City Light, will discuss grid modernization and how it will help engage customers at Smart Grid Northwest Annual Meeting in Seattle.

PORTLAND, OR – September 26, 2016 – How is modernization of the electrical grid bringing real value to consumers? Larry Weis, CEO of Seattle City Light, will discuss that topic in the keynote address at the 2016 Annual Meeting of Smart Grid Northwest, a trade organization for the smart grid industry in the Pacific Northwest. He will then be joined in a panel session by senior executives from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, GE, IBM, Bidgely and Avista.

The 2016 Annual Meeting is being held Tuesday, September 27 at the Pacific Tower in Seattle, WA. Mr. Weis will present grid modernization efforts completed and underway at Seattle City Light, and how these efforts are allowing the utility to more effectively engage with customers. Following Larry’s remarks, Nathan Shannon with the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative will moderate a discussion with industry leaders at the front lines of grid modernization for higher consumer benefit. Smart Grid Northwest members will also vote on organization matters, elect a new Board of Directors, and enjoy a networking event. The Annual Meeting is open to the public.

Energy providers are already seeing greater business efficiencies and quality of service by investing in smart grid technologies, such as Internet of Things and advanced metering. To maintain and expand on those benefits, they need make deliver value that matters to consumers, such as integration of renewable energy, electric vehicle charging and home automation. It’s important that the industry take an honest evaluation of end-user propensity to adopt and participate in such smart-grid enabled programs.

This event will explore today’s pressing smart grid questions:

  • Which smart grid innovations can deliver the most value to energy users
  • What concerns exist that industry stakeholders should address
  • How are current grid modernization investments—such as advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) programs—benefiting both grid operators and energy users
  • How are consumers responding to smart-grid enabled innovations such as on-site renewable energy, smart vehicle recharging, energy efficiency, home automation and smart thermostats

“We are happy to facilitate an industry discussion on how to make sure the new grid connects with consumers,” stated Bryce Yonker, Smart Grid NW Executive Director. “It’s exciting to see how new smart grid technologies are able to create value for everyone involved, from the energy producers to the energy users.”

In conjunction with the Annual Meeting, Smart Grid Northwest is hosting at the Pacific Tower two special events:

  • The Demand Response Symposium (Wed, Sep 28) features over 40 local and national demand response experts explaining how to improve the efficiency and resiliency of the electrical grid for Northwest companies and consumers by leveraging flexible demand side resources. With over 150 industry leaders attending, this sold-out event is co-hosted with the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
  • The Automated DR workshop (Tues, Sep 27), co-hosted with the OpenADR Alliance, focuses on how to use the OpenADR standard to support popular energy programs, such as Critical Peak Pricing, Thermostat and Direct Load Control, Electric Vehicle (EV) DR, and renewables DR and other emerging technologies.

Northwest companies, utilities, and government agencies become members of Smart Grid Northwest to be more aware of and active in smart grid activities and events in our region.

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