Public Policy

Public Policy

To promote the deployment of effective, efficient and innovative smart grid projects in the region and the development of smart grid and related industries, Smart Grid Northwest is dedicated to supporting balanced public policy that addresses the desires of our diverse members, regional stakeholders and consumers. Smart Grid Northwest works to gather consensus from among its membership including public and investor-owned utilities, smart grid companies, corporations (energy users), higher education, industry advocates and others for policy related matters.

Smart Grid Northwest’s objective is to work toward balanced policy that creates a more resilient, responsive, and efficient energy system in the Northwest by:

  • Promoting smart grid development
  • Encouraging innovation, research, and commercialization of smart grid and related solutions
  • Supporting smart grid and related industries
  • Educating and empowering consumers of energy
  • Ensuring an equitable energy future for all grid users and operators

Smart Grid Northwest has a Smart Grid Working Group populated by a diverse group of experts within the field. The committee is roughly populated by 1/3 utility representatives, 1/3 industry representatives, and 1/3 other industry stakeholders. The current main objective of the Working Group is to create a working paper on the policies that develop smart grid markets. This publication is not a stance for the organization on any policy related topics, but an informative and educational tool.

The Working Group (and its individual representatives) does not have the authority to take an official stance for the organization on smart grid related policies, nor does it have the ability to advocate for specific legislative or regulatory issues. It may recommend policy related actions which would be voted on by the Board of Directors.

To discuss your involvement on the Working Group contact:

Bryce Yonker –