Seventh Power Plan

Smart Grid Northwest Comments on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Draft Seventh Power Plan

Smart Grid Northwest appreciates the opportunity to offer our comments and suggestions on the draft Seventh Power Plan. Our comments and recommendations are organized into four sections:

  1. Smart Grid (p 2-7),
  2. Demand Response / Demand Side Management (p 7-12),
  3. Distributed Energy Resources (p 12-14), and
  4. Transactive Energy (p 14-16).

Keeping in mind the Council’s objective of “assuring the region a safe, reliable, and economical power system with due regard for the environment” and the 20 year time horizon of the Plan, we believe that each of these four areas requires additional attention in the Seventh Power Plan.

Although we address each topic separately, we want to stress that for the purposes of the Council’s planning process, it is useful to view most Demand Side Management (DSM) resources, including energy efficiency, demand response, distributed generation, dispatchable standby generation, smart inventers, and many forms of energy storage, from a systems perspective rather than in isolation.

This concept is known as Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM). Many DSM resources offer multiple and synergistic benefits that can be better understood when their joint benefits and positive interactive effects are considered. Furthermore, a growing body of evidence indicates that many smart grid technologies can enable or enhance the benefits of both individual DSM measures and the synergistic benefits of integrated DSM efforts.  In both cases, it appears that smart grid technologies do this by boosting DSM efforts in ways that make them more powerful, effective, and efficient.