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Oct 2017

How BPA Views Flexible Demand-Side Resources for the Northwest

Elliot Mainzer, Administrator and CEO of Bonneville Power Administration, kicked off day one of the Northwest DR & Energy Storage Summit in Portland, September 27 and 28, 2017. He gave us a high-level look at how BPA, a central player in our regional energy grid landscape, is looking at the roles of DR and energy storage. Smart Grid Northwest has captured some of his keynote...

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Sep 2017

Behavioral versus Pricing versus Automated Demand Response (DR): What’s Best When?

by Linda Barney Smarter energy consumption, and being able to control energy used during peak energy demand times are topics of great interest to grid operators and the consumers they serve. But what is the best way to meet this goal and achieve effective and reliable energy demand reduction? Among the leading paths there are three strategies for meeting this goal via pricing structures, seeking...

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